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Libido determines the strength of sexual desire, which is an individual characteristic of every female. Appetite for sex is not a constant value, and is the result of many factors. A key influence on the desire has a mental condition as well as good Economics hormonal. The mechanisms responsible for erotykę stimulates a number of hormones. This they largely determine how we have a sexy temperament, and that we tend to stimuli. How do the hormones, and what factors may cause them to lose balance?

The monthly cycle is regulated by many hormones, mostly estrogens. During a cycle was marked by two periods of increase in libido and increased sexual activity of women. The first concerns the so-called fertile days that fall in particular, at the time of ovulation, when the estrogen level is very high. The second falls, and a few days before menstruation, when there is a higher level of testosterone.

Libido in women can be periodically or permanently attenuated various violations. Numerous scientific research suggest that even in 9-43% of women of all ages may experience sexual dysfunction.

The level of libido in women this value is very variable. Due to chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus, although heart disorders of a sexual nature that occurs in women diabetyczek is paid, unfortunately, very little attention), groups of depressed or hormonal disorders (menopause), sexual desire may be periodically or permanently attenuated. It happens, however, that the situation has no pathological substrate, and the problem is only fatigue, temporary total fall mood. Then it is necessary to maintain the body aptecznymi dietary supplements for exactly that purpose.

Currently, the most effective and readily available aphrodisiac Joker. This innovation arose at the beginning of this century. Now drew from him all the nice, respectable porn Studio in the world.

For example, the actress first appeared on the casting porn. She goes crazy trying to master this art, but faints after seeing his partner and his cock. What kind of excitation can tell if the girl is just afraid? Then you should specify Joker. One serving is enough, and after 15 minutes shy young teen rides on the guy, feeling wonderful multiple orgasms.

Instant drink Joker – works? results, side effects

Drink soluble Joker helps to solve many problems. Relieves anxiety and treats your personal abstinence, makes that you feel comfortable in bed, increases libido and helps to achieve orgasm. Only this product is made of natural ingredients will greatly improve the quality of sexual life!

Furthermore, the use of Joker it is also useful for any woman:

  • any discomfort during sex, the vagina is always wet
  • the product reduces stress and increases libido
  • aphrodisiac ensures good blood flow to the genitals
  • natural extracts health benefits for women, any woman can take

Joker use with caution! WARNING:

  • Do NOT use an aphrodisiac to girls who are younger than 18 years
  • Do NOT use an aphrodisiac on kobierach who are your subordinates (employee, student, etc.)
  • Do not use without the knowledge of the partner

If you really want to arouse woman sexual desire, her need to reassure. If she already feels that she wants to feel sexual pleasure – you’re in luck. But not so in 85% of cases. You’ll need a bit of time and right words and deeds and so on. But you can also skip meaningless foreplay with the help of natural remedies is exciting, which is currently being used throughout the world porn. Women forget thanks to them niezdecydowaniu and shyness and show its true beauty.

Joker is a great medication that can help to enhance arousal and stimulate sexual activity of women. I suggest it to all my customers who have any problem with sexual life and excitedly. In addition, I write it to all couples who have problems in sexual relationships and suffer indifference towards sex from women

Forget about problems with a sexual life forever. Joker will help to solve all the above problems. The feeling of relaxation, sexual attraction and internal energies are the results of the use of Joker.


Major hormones that affect the appetite for sex

  • Endorphins – organic chemicals, origin, a protein that is similar to the construction of morphine – hence the name endo (internal) morphine produced in those areas of the brain responsible for feelings and emotions. Wellbeing, relieve pain, eliminate stress, and in some cases, such as sex cause a state of euphoria. A large amount of this hormone stands out also when we’re in love. When a full sexual life their level increases even dwustukrotnie! If the release of endorphins, is low, the quality of sexual life gwałtowanie falls.
  • Estrogen is the name for three similar chemical properties of hormones: estrone, estriol and estradiol. They are produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands and adipocytes, i.e. fat cells. In addition that affect the formation of the female figure, psyche and emotions are not indifferent also for the level of libido. The primary responsibility for the management of sexual response. Through effects on the Central and peripheral nervous system included “receiving ” sexy”. Interestingly, during lactation, the estrogen level is so low that women in this period have very little desire to become closer.
  • Testosterone is the main natural androgen, or male sex hormone. In women is produced mainly in the adrenal glands and the ovaries. Its main function is to maintain the body in good health and high physical shape and sexy. Women with a higher level of this hormone is characterized by a greater sexual appetite – in addition, it enhances the desire and szczytowanie.
  • Progesterone – the hormone necessary for ovulation. His task is to prepare the uterus for implantation of ovum and maintenance of pregnancy. Is produced by the ovaries and bearing (if we’re talking about a woman during pregnancy). Affects a woman’s body, especially after ovulation, then his level increases, which leads to fade the libido.
  • Prolactin – the level of libido is affected by, among other things, also prolactin – the hormone, the highest concentration that occurs in women after childbirth. High levels of prolactin inhibits ovulation and reduces libido. This is a natural phenomenon to prevent the next too quick conception. Prolactin gives the mother time to recover and allows you to focus on taking care of the child.
  • Dopamine is one of the main neurotransmitters which, in particular, contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Thanks to her we got too Horny. This hormone transmits nerve impulses to the brain, stimulating it, improving mood and inducing a feeling of pleasure and euphoria.
  • Thyroid hormones – not every one of us tied the thyroid gland with the willingness or lack thereof to have sex. Meanwhile, with reduced thyroid function or Hashimoto’s disease (chronic inflammation of the thyroid), a decrease in libido. In this case, a visit to a specialist, conducting research of the level of thyroid hormones and select appropriate treatment. It should be borne in mind the fact that Hashimoto’s disease is often called a disease of civilization of the XXI century, and many women do not realize that it is suffering.

Joker ingredients

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