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Magneto 500 Plus

Magnetic insoles for shoes Magneto 500 Plus – works? results, side effects

Acupressure is an alternative treatment method, imported from Asia. Originally from China, where there is mention that already 7 thousand years ago, was known and accepted method medical. Often confused with acupuncture, which he has a common name prefix, derived from the Latin word acus that is a needle. Driving needles into various points on the body used in acupuncture, while acupressure is based on the pressure (tribulation), especially, fingers, and, thus, leads to the achievement of the therapeutic effect.

It is very important for proper functioning of the body is regular cleansing it from toxic substances that occur in particular as a result of metabolism. This is one of the problems for the kidneys and liver.

Hypertension, calcification of the arteries, fat in muscle leads to rheumatism, kidney stones are just some of the possible diseases the sources of which may lie disorders in the kidneys.

Skillful massaging – in a month – receptors of the urinary tract, has a positive effect on blood circulation and as a result, the operation of the system.

There are known cases of expulsion after treatment receptorowej sand or small rocks, unlock the flow of water through the kidneys and, thereby, for example, the disappearance of edema of the legs caused by accumulation of water, as well as eliminating the painful contractions of the bladder.

Acupressure is effective, especially as the illumination method of treatment of pain as a sudden, acute, and chronic (e.g., rheumatic pathologies). There are several theories explaining the mechanism of action of this method. One of them says that during operations in the brain secretes more endorphins produced by the body hormones actions of protection. On the other, the effectiveness of acupuncture and acupressure is based on the power of suggestion. Another States that the stimulation of the points akupunkturowych causes blocking conduction of pain impulses in certain key points of the nervous system.

The fast pace of life, the problems of everyday life, stress, simple negligence, and health – all this adversely affects the health and functioning of the body. This often leads to many ailments, back pain, knees, head and other body parts. The only question is, how do you do that? Currently we have access to many different means of easing this type of pain, but whether they are effective? We recommend the use of ear Magneto 500 Plus. Need to know more about them.

Discussed Magneto 500 Plus is a special insole for shoes that is composed of four layers. There is a special layer of polycarbonate, which was built so that with the help of special projections stimulate our receptors on the legs. The second layer is a magnetic layer that produces a corresponding alternating magnetic field, stimulating the treatment process. Another layer is a special layer of the stabilizer, is made of elastic plastic, which helps to improve stability and comfort when walking. The last layer-a layer of slip, which improves the position of the foot and pressure on the acupressure points.

As you can read in the text where Poland, the website of the manufacturer Magneto 500 Plus, the effects and the product is very wide – on a par with the effects of magnetism and acupressure, the changes presented in various sources. We know that thanks to this special design of the ear we can get rid of chronic pain of joints and spine and the many obstacles degenerative and legs. Because everything is made of environmental materials, and antyalergicznych, enough that we put them in boots, and we don’t need to rewrite anything, and especially any adverse effects that could potentially cause harm.

Insoles will not help if you will they just sat, or walked too short a time during the day. Magneto 500 Plus is the product to use on feet, however, should know how to use it correctly, as it is important to be properly fit for shoes. Below you can find a special tutorial written by users of the ear, how to do it better. The most important feature of panels is that they allow biomagnetic inserts contact with the magnetic field of our planet. They influence much on the partial suppression of vibrations that occur when walking, which causes much less stress on the joints.

Have scientifically proven the power of the fight against chronic pain feet, legs, spine and many other ailments.

  • Improve comfort when walking through the specialized layout of the insert. The foot is laid in a natural and convenient way through what everything is step is completely safe for the feet and not cause pain.
  • According to manufacturers, insoles Magneto 500 Plus use the processes of physics, known since ancient times. We are talking about the properties of the magnetic field of the earth and oppression on certain points on the body, in this case in the legs, thereby improving the functioning of the whole body. All thanks to the loads in the Central nervous system that are there. Their stimulation has beneficial effects on different parts of the body, organs or health.
  • Magnetic field perfectly affects the diseased tissue. At the cellular level is to ease their pain, due to magnetic forces. Comes to stimulation, oxygenation, nutrition, phone, and cleansing the body of toxins. In consequence of the sickness disappear and the body returns to the right direction.
  • Should also know that inserting Magneto 500 Plus it is also undoubtedly obtained vibration to reduce foot fatigue. A natural consequence is the reduction of pain in the back and limbs, and sometimes continued its liquidation.
Magneto 500 Plus

Moments that are worth remembering

  • Seasickness and dizziness cure due to the oppression of the points located on the inside of your wrist, at a distance of about three fingers from the base of the hand. Instead of doing massage, you can also buy special akupresurową bandage. Another item that helps with vertigo, lying under the eye.
  • Abdominal pain also menstrual – subdued uciskanie point located at a height of about three fingers above the ankle on the outer side of the leg. The second point from abdominal pain and help to relax lying on the top of the foot, between the second and third finger.
  • A panic attack seized with oppression point in the elbow of the elbow (in flexion of the wrist you will find it on the inside). Some time press on it, and then do the dwuminutowy massage in a circular motion. Palpitations will calm down, also before the massage points on opuszce of the middle finger.
  • Hypertension and associated headache frontal oppressing points located on the inner corners of the eyes, slightly above them, at the base of the eyebrow, as well as the point between the eyebrows at the base of the nose. Start with the suppress last your index finger. Then simultaneously hold down the two dots on the eyes and then the eyebrows.
  • Low pressure is an indication for suppression as the tip of the fingers, palms and toes. Especially useful is a massage with the big toe and the middle of the palm. In case of a sudden pressure drop recommended uciskanie points on the upper lip and under lower lip.
  • Headache requires treatment in the form of oppression points above the ear and at the nape. Effective is also several times uciskanie about ten seconds of a point on opuszce of the little finger palm and then massage in a circular motion of the point located approximately in the middle of the inner part of the palm. The massage should last approximately two to three minutes.

Insoles for shoes Magneto 500 Plus review, feedback

The majority of opinions about Magneto 500 Plus are positive, both among users and specialists.
The Magneto 500 Plus properties can be evaluated after the first application, and the regenerative effect only after prolonged use.
Magneto 500 Plus has been tested many times before it went on sale, and all tests gave positive results.

Magnetic insoles for shoes Magneto 500 Plus original price, where to buy? online shop

Insoles Magneto 500 Plus best buy through the manufacturer’s website. This is the safest and at the same time great places of purchase. It should be borne in mind that the inserts are secure in all respects. Their material is non-allergenic, Hypo-allergenic. Eyelashes do not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin, do not cause discomfort during use.

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