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PeniSizeXL is a reliable diet supplement that will allow you to prolong and thicken your penis and improve your sexual performance. The supplement invoke no side effects and has both a full documentation that ensures safety of usage and recommendation of many people from the medical community.

Ingredients contained in the pill affect the body instantly, not only causing increased blood flow in the penis, but also the expansion of the cavernous blood vessels in the body. The penis becomes harder and longer. Its size also increases, which certainly will not go unnoticed in bedroom games.

Monthly treatment is just 60 tablets, which should be taken 1-2 times a day depending on whether you are planning sexual contact. The first capsule is best consumed during breakfast, while the second one is taken about half an hour before sex, which guarantees quick and lasting effects.

Learn more about your penis

The penis is the male sex organ, reaching its full size during puberty. In addition to its sexual function, the penis acts as a conduit for urine to leave the body.

The penis is made of several parts:

  • Glans (head) of the penis: In uncircumcised men, the glans is covered with pink, moist tissue called mucosa. Covering the glans is the foreskin (prepuce). In circumcised men, the foreskin is surgically removed and the mucosa on the glans transforms into dry skin.
  • Corpus cavernosum: Two columns of tissue running along the sides of the penis. Blood fills this tissue to cause an erection.
  • Corpus spongiosum: A column of sponge-like tissue running along the front of the penis and ending at the glans penis; it fills with blood during an erection, keeping the urethra — which runs through it – open.
  • The urethra runs through the corpus spongiosum, conducting urine out of the body.

An erection results from changes in blood flow in the penis. When a man becomes sexually aroused, nerves cause penis blood vessels to expand. More blood flows in and less flows out of the penis, hardening the tissue in the corpus cavernosum.

Pills PeniSizeXL – works? results, side effects


We guarantee that the ingredients of PeniSizeXL are of the highest quality. We have made every effort to be the most assimilable and tailored to the needs of yours

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We respect the privacy of our customers, so we do not sell or distribute the data you submit.

Prolong and reinforce experiences during intercourse!

  • Longer and thicker penis
    Thanks to unique formula, PeniSizeXL enhances release of nitric oxide to nerve endings near corpora cavernosa. Hence, the amount of blood that flows through the penis, as well as its speed, are increased, what widens and enlarges it.
  • Stronger erection
    PeniSizeXL recipe has been enriched with ingredients preventing sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Thanks to that, you can be sure that you will surprise your partner not only with the size, but also long, amazing intercourse.
  • Intense orgasms
    By using PeniSizeXL and regaining sense of masculinity you provide amazing orgasms not only for you, but also to your partner. Penetration will be deeper and more thorough, ensuring intense orgasms and unforgettable experiences to both of you.

By using this dietary supplement you can forget about the compassionate looks of your partner in the bedroom or shame at your friends who have larger penises. PeniSizeXL will heal you from the complexes and help you get the perfect penis length – one that will satisfy you, your partner and embarrass all buddies.


What you can do to eliminate sexual problems

There are a few things you can do if you are worried about the size of your manhood.

  • Communicate with your partner. Discussing your worries and your sexual preferences with your partner may help you overcome your worries about the size of your penis and improve your sexual confidence.
  • Trim your pubic hair. Sounds simple enough, but a lot of hair around the base of the penis will make it look shorter and possibly also reduce sensitivity. A simple trim may help increase your enjoyment and self-confidence.
  • Lose weight and get fit. Exercise and diet can help you lose weight. If you are overweight, weight loss could help you “gain” up to 2cm of length as a larger part of your penis will be exposed.

If you experience anxiety related to penis size as a serious issue which is affecting your sex life and general happiness, you should talk to your doctor or a counsellor. They will be able to tell you whether your size is average and suggest techniques to improve your sexual experience.

PeniSizeXL ingredients

PeniSizeXL ingredients
Name Description
Tribulus Terrestris Facilitate the release of nitric oxide to the nerve endings near the corpora cavernosa of the penis causing them to stretch and enlarge. Moreover, it stimulates spermatogenesis and increases the level of free testosterone in the blood. Increases the sexual ability.
Muira Puama Is used as a means of preventing men’s sexual dysfunctions. It prevents premature ejaculation, enhances sexual functions, helps maintain a strong and lasting erection.
Ginseng Increases libido and helps in erectile dysfunction. Ginsenosides contained in the ginseng increase the release of nitric oxide in the body, therefore supporting relaxation of blood vessels, causing increased blood flow to the penis.
Maca root Increases the sex drive in men and helps to achieve erection. Improves sperm production and its motility. It is a rich source of protein, and also provides the body with essential amino acids, including arginine, which is responsible, among others, for blood flow to the male sex organs.
Damiana Leaf Improves sexual performance, increases libido, prolongs and strengthens erection.
Saw palmetto Boosts libido. Supports sexual functions and protects testosterone against dihydrotestosterone. Prevents problems with prostate.

Tablets PeniSizeXL review, feedback

We decided to test PeniSizeXL ourselves and we can confidently say that it is a high quality product.

Specialists review this product in a very positive way, as evidenced by the large number of publications in the medical press.
Product reviews available on the web relate to its high quality and reliable performance.
PeniSizeXL has been tested many times before it went on sale, and all tests gave positive results.

Pills PeniSizeXL original price, where to buy? online shop

The original PeniSizeXL is available only on the official website.

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